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Man Says He Hates The Attention His Big Butt Gets

Derec says his bubble butt gets him unwanted attention that includes grabbing, slapping, and name-calling. As he tells a hypnotist he visits to help him cope, he doesn’t like the lack of control he feels in these situations of nonconsensual grab-ass. “All I want is the respect of my peers and to wear a normal pair of pants,” he says while swimsuit shopping.

Crazy Catch!

Crazy Near Misses!

Be careful crossing the street!

#BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat Part 1

Remembering Malcolm X

When your barber finds out your seeing someone else

When your barber finds out your seeing someone else

Caught On Camera: Legally Armed Man Shoots Racist Attacker At Waffle House!

No charges will be filed by the state for the shooting and killing of Dakota Fields at the Palm Beach Boulevard Waffle House. 28 year old Jehrardd Williams, fired the gun in the Waffle House, but reports say Mr. Williams shot fields in self defense, fearing for his own life against the attack. Fields and other friends with him were in the establishment earlier on in the morning on January. after a night of drinking, seemingly loud and still intoxicated.

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