Video Shows Grand Rapids Police Pulling Gun On 5 and 10 Year Olds


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Video footage obtained by The Grand Rapids Press through a Freedom of Information Act request shows the Grand Rapids Police Department’s finest aiming a bunch of guns at five black kids for no damn reason.

The incident in question happened on March 12, when police got a report of some kids fighting on a basketball court where a gun was also allegedly spotted. When police arrived ten minutes later, they saw a group of five black kids—just walking to wherever it was they were going. They were probably talking smack, doing kid shit. The officer stopped the kids and immediately pointed his gun in their direction. Thankfully he didn’t just start firing.

“Can you please put the gun down?” one of the boys pleads. “I do not want to die, bro,” another says.

As more officers arrive, more guns were aimed at the kids—who were simply walking home from a basketball game. “We are not about to die,” the kids continue to cry. “We didn’t do nothing.”

One by one the officers had the kids stand up, walk backwards with their hands on their heads and get on their knees to assume the cuffing position. No guns were found on the kids because—as it turned out—the kids were not involved in any fight whatsoever.

The only thing that the kids were guilty of was being black near the scene of a crime.

Once the situation was cleared up, the kids had to sit in the back of cop cars until their parents arrived to pick them up. One of the kids’ mother, Shawndryka Moore, cried as she told officers at the scene, “We don’t deal with police. I don’t have charges. We don’t do this. All this stuff that goes on in this world—I worry about my kids every day. That’s why I don’t let them go nowhere.”

The situation sparked outrage in the community and prompted an investigation. Police officials, naturally, came to the defense of their fellow officers. “The officers didn’t do anything wrong,” Police Chief David Rahinsky told reporters. ” They acted on articulate facts from a witness moments earlier who said he saw them hand a gun to each other.”

Just last week a study was published that showed blacks in Grand Rapids Michigan are twice as likely to get stopped by police as whites.

Here’s the video of the incident.

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